Present a topic or a destination with up to 2 more universities. Typically within 60 minutes we will show a video of your institutions, you will present your university and finally you will be answering live questions from the audience. 

We advertise those webinars globally via dedicated mailings to SRT subscribers and social media.

All presenters receive a database of all registered students. 


Teaser Classes 

This 60 minute online session includes a pre-recorded or live 20 minute teaser class with an academic, testimonial from a student ambassador and university pitch from admissions representative followed by an engaging discussion with highly targeted students.

With this format your university will present exclusively to students who have been handpicked by their counselors as having serious interest in the specified subject.


Available Webinar slots 

26 April - Study Film Studies and Film Making
20 May - Health Studies
25 May - Study in the US as a student athlete
28 May - Study in the Netherlands
3 June - Study Engineering
9 June - Study Arts and Design
10 June - Study in Ireland
21 June - Study in Australia
24 June - Study at a US university abroad

Available Teaser Classes slots

11 May - International Relations and International Business
19 May - STEM Teaser Class
27 May - Medicine
15 June - Arts and Design Teaser Class
23 June - STEM Teaser Class


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Thank you to all of the presenters and to the wonderful SRT team for providing this great opportunity!

William Priante

Johnson & Wales University

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Thanks to you all for a really inspiring and friendly webinar, it was great to meet the team from SRT. 

Lewis Walker

University College Birmingham

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Thank you for leading such a good event. I’ve had students write to me, which is very promising. 

Stephen Soanes

University of Warwick

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Thank you ever so much for your support and enthusiasm! 

Zharkyn Matubraimova

IUBH University of Applied Sciences ∙ Campus Studies

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Thanks again for setting up and doing a great job with the webinar! I really enjoy working with you! 

Thalia R. Saplad

Edmonds College

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Thank you so much, this was a really well organized event, it’s great engagement with the students, this was a really good event. 

Gearoid McCarthy

University College Cork

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